Our Story

Our History

Macedonia Community Development Corporation was founded on January 15th, 2015 under the umbrella of Macedonia Baptist Church. Macedonia Baptist Church is the oldest African-American Baptist church in Watts. For 109 years, Macedonia Baptist Church has been committed to providing service, advocacy, education, and a place of spiritual refuge for the greater South Los Angeles community which includes Watts. Being a historical monument in the city, Macedonia Baptist Church formed Macedonia Community Development Corporation (CDC) to address the compassionate challenges in the community and function as a catalyst to encourage the transformation of Watts. Macedonia CDC uses a “Three Pillars for Community Change” platform that simplifies these challenges into three basic areas: Mental Health, Financial Health, and Physical Health. Transformation is at the core of the work of Macedonia CDC. The CDC is a non-profit and has a 501c(3) tax exemption as a public charity.

Our Mission

Macedonia CDC is committed to transforming the Watts area specifically and the greater South Los Angeles community in general from the fringes of marginalization into a vibrant healthy community of productive citizens. Our mission is to inspire, support and empower the people of the Watts community by identifying and addressing disparities in education, mental health and economic opportunity. Macedonia CDC will aim to provide educationally enriched programs for children, financial literacy programs for adults, and to form partnerships with public and private entities for the benefit of the Watts community at large.