Our Leadership

Pastor Shane B. Scott

Chairman and CEO

Since November 1, 2011, Rev. Shane B. Scott has served as the senior pastor of the historic Macedonia Baptist Church located in Los Angeles, CA that has served the Watts community for more than 109 years. Pastor Scott is a powerful and anointed messenger, teacher and speaker. His voice and unique view into Christian living offers diverse groups a meaningful lends for examining and empowering their lives. By example and edict, he has motivated changed people to change the world. The Macedonian message of being an accepting, loving, inspiring, visioning and encouraging congregation is one that involves a ministry of discipleship, mission and transforming the soul of the community. He says, “We are a historic, relevant congregation with a vision to speak truth to power as we forge collaborations between church and community to exhibit unity as a household of faith.”

Macedonia CDC Board

The Board consists of the following persons: